• Contact Position: Undergraduate Director
  • Sinan Celiksu
  • Sinan Celiksu
  • Undergraduate Director of the Program in Criminal Justice
  • Teaching Instructor
  • Areas of Specialization: Research Methods, Ethnography, Data Science, Computational Social Science, Right-Wing Extremism, Anthropology of Globalization
  • Campus: Livingston Campus
  • Education: Ph.D. Columbia University (Applied Anthropology)

Before joining Rutgers University, Dr. Celiksu took positions as a visiting faculty at Humboldt State University, as a Visiting Research Scholar at Columbia University, and as a Research Fellow at Max-Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Germany).

Dr. Sinan Celiksu is a Teaching Instructor in the Program in Criminal Justice. Dr. Celiksu’s teaching interests include Qualitative Research Methods, Crime and Social Policy, Criminology, Crime and Justice from Cultural Perspectives, and Crimes of the Powerful. He uses quantitative and qualitative methodologies to understand the implications of globalization and neoliberalism on the criminalization of specific populations and the rise of right-wing extremism. His Former research sites include Italy, Kosovo, Turkey, and the US.