Employment opportunities exist for Criminal Justice majors in all areas of the legal, law enforcement, and justice systems. Students majoring in Criminal Justice receive instruction on the theories and practices pertaining to the criminal justice system, crime prevention, and public and corporate responses to crime on the local, national, and international levels.


C.J. majors are also prepared to pursue graduate coursework in law or public policy as well as many other criminal justice related disciplines. If a graduate with a Bachelor's degree is looking for employment after graduation, opportunities exist at the managerial level in county, state, and federal criminal justice agencies. Research centers concerned with domestic and international issues, policies, and practices related to the criminal justice system provide additional opportunities to experience this exciting field.


While many graduates work in a related occupation, others choose fields which do not require a specific major, but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills and accomplishments. Regardless of your career choice, increase your marketability to employers through internships, service-learning, related work or volunteer experiences, good grades, and involvement in multiple college activities.


Students should check Rutgers Career Services website for a wealth of information regarding résumé clinics, job search workshops, internship seminars, networking events, alumni panels, career fairs, and so much more.  Students can set up their Career Knight account at careers.rutgers.edu.