• Christopher Chukwuedo
  • Christopher Chukwuedo
  • Teaching Instructor
  • Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Office: Lucy Stone Hall, A351
  • Campus: Livingston Campus
  • Phone: 848-445-4265

 Christopher Chukwuedo is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. Prior to enrolling in the PhD program, Christopher gained valuable experience as a program coordinator at the Roy Moss emergency shelter for at-risk and abused children in San Antonio, TX. He also worked as a program coordinator for Jefferson County in Louisville, KY, where he contributed to the state of Kentucky's foster care system. In this role, Christopher collaborated closely with family court judges to ensure suitable placements for children within the foster care system.

Presently, Chukwuedo's research interests encompass Philosophical Criminology, Qualitative Research Methods, and Juvenile Justice, showcasing his dedication to addressing crucial issues in the criminal justice field. Christopher's academic journey began at the University of Texas-San Antonio, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice & Philosophy. Subsequently, he pursued a Master's degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Louisville.

Overall, Christopher Chukwuedo's background and academic pursuits demonstrate his commitment to making a positive impact in the realm of criminal justice, particularly in areas concerning juvenile justice and philosophical criminology.