50250118 00701 0006At this year’s commencement ceremony, 32 Criminal Justice graduates received the prestigious Albert Roberts Scholar Award.  Each year this award is given to graduates who have demonstrated uncommon achievement in the Criminal Justice major.  Students who receive this award must complete a minimum GPA of 3.8 in the major.  This award remembers longtime faculty member Al Roberts, a scholar of victimology and social work, who had exemplary commitment to undergraduate education.


This year’s recipients are: John A. Adamitis, Pamella Alcantara, Paul J. Calvello, Johnna N. Chick, Amanda R. Cohen, Andrew W. Crehan, Kimberly Ann DeFrancesco, James M. Galayda, Joseph Goldstein, Amanda Habeeb, Paulina A. Halat, James P. Hartnett, Kathryn Lee Kifner, Michael Kurpiewski, Matthew L. Lucciola, Mark MaKar, Jason M. Maloney, Justine A. Martolano, Eric M. Moreno, Kimberly A. Mulligan, Kyle T. Nosker, Alexis Okoth, Matthew H. Padd, Robert T. Parker, Stephanie A. Pena, James Perotti, Giustine M. Petrilli, Siam M. Siam, Melissa Rose Sikorsky, Anthony E. Terranova, Kristin M. Vitale, and Joanna Witynska.