01:202:205 Criminal Procedure
Description: Description and discussion of what is commonly characterized as the "criminal justice process and public policy consideration" through which substantive criminal laws are enforced.
Prerequisites: 01:202:201
Course Synopsis:

Professor KOHL: The objectives of this course are to (1) learn the law of criminal procedure through an understanding of the principles of law by examining real problems, challenges and cases. (2) gain knowledge of constitutional rights in the context of criminal law, (3) focus on the concept of reasonableness of restraints on those rights, (4) gain an understanding of the public policy considerations underlying the substantive criminal law and the manner in which such policies are effectuated through criminal procedural requirements, and (5) study specific procedural law issue/requirements, including right to counsel, exclusionary rule; search warrant; permissible warrantless searches; stop and frisk, entrapment, wiretapping, confessions, lineups, jury selection, voir dire, negotiated pleas, post-conviction relief.

Current Syllabus:  Spring 2018 KOHL
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